Meet Eleanor 

My name is Eleanor, and animals play a huge role in my life. I've been walking dogs for others since a very young age, and thanks to the trust and opportunities given to me by dog owners throughout my life my levels of experience and responsibilities with dogs have risen to a passionate high.

After attending Plumpton Agricultural College I enrolled at Brighton University to study Animal Science; a course that involves the biological, behavioural and ethical aspects of animals. Since graduating I also studied another course in Ecology. Both degrees have taught me invaluable lessons to my fields of interest such as dogs and their behaviour.

Alongside Bourne To Walk, I am also a voluntary dog walker for The Cinnamon Trust - a charity that helps the ill and elderly look after their pets when they find it hard - a role I find inspirational and satisfying. If you are looking for a dog walker due to terminal ill health, The Cinnamon Trust may be able to help you and your pet, as you will be under their wing forever once registered.

Aside from animals and education, I have also been a dancer since 1998, worked part time as a tennis coach, and spent over a year working at Blackberry Farm in Whitesmith as an animal carer.



National Diploma in Animal Management (Distinction Level)

NVQ Canine Behaviour

FdSc Animal Science

BSc (Hons) Ecology

CPD Dog First Aid Emergency Canine Care

Relevent Experience:

Freelance dog walker and pet sitter since 2008

Voluntary dog walker and fosterer for The Cinnamon Trust

Work Experience at Kit Wilson and Raystede Animal Rescue Centre.